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What is a Breakthrough Strategy Peer Advisory Group?

These groups also are designed for members to keep each other accountable (and for each member to go back to their own company and keep their team accountable).

This is because every company has time to talk about:

  • What happened since the last time they met?
  • Did they do what they said they were going to do?
  • Are they meeting the goals outlined on their business plan?
  • What tools or practices they have brought back to their company to implement?

Who is my Advisor?

We require that all advisors (who are also known as “Group Facilitators”) become certified through our methods, tools, processes, and strategies. They must be experienced and skillful in all areas of business with a passion for helping businesses grow.

Is There a Certain Commitment Period? What If I Don’t Find Value In These Groups?

Every group member should remain in the group for as long as it’s bringing them value. All members sign proposals that have no commitment period.

The tools are designed to help teams remain organized, accountable, focused, and aligned to their Single-Page Plan. When every leader and staff member buys-in to the plan and wants to contribute to the business’s growth, that’s when the business really grows. Our advisors are here to help along the way.

Interested in learning more? 

Contact Group Leader and IBAW Board member,

Andy Oliver by clicking here.

The first Breakthrough Strategy group meets at

Mathison Manufacturing to discuss the progress

on their individual strategic plans.

1: The first part of the process is creating the annual single-page plan by completing the following steps:

Annual Business Assessment 

Assessment of key business areas. This helps everyone understand the current state of the business and to determine how to help your business grow!

Annual Strategic Planning

Preparing and conducting strategic planning. This helps drive the creation of the single-page plan (and its associated vision, mission, key initiatives, and targets) for the year!

Deployment of Key Events Where the Plan is Reviewed

This establishes the schedule of meetings for the year, which decreases wasted time scheduling and increases value-add conversation.

2: The next part is systematically going through a monthly cycle that allows the plan to come to life:

Updating 30, 60, 90 day forecasts

This added transparency allows for great business decisions and assigning action items based off current/future financials. Actual results from the previous month are shared as well.

Updating the Must do/Can't miss Board

This includes discussing "who is doing what, by when" to ensure the plan gets achieved.

Holding a review meeting

These can be weekly, monthly, or quarterly, or whatever works best for the business. The current status of the plan will be review and follow-up actions will be assigned.

What The Participants Are Saying About BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES...

Simple, and Methodical with a Focus on Growth

This process has assisted us in accomplishing more in the first year than the previous seven years including the last five since we’ve owned the business. The tools are simple and methodical and allow us to focus on growth.

- Al Leidinger, President, Mathison Manufacturing & IBAW Board Member

An Easy Process That Keeps Our Team On Track

"The advisory process keeps me focused on what is necessary to grow my business. It ensures my team and I regularly discuss and accomplish our key initiatives. The software platform keeps us on track and maintains our accountability. Before we implemented the process and platform, we were just like every other business and regularly got sidetracked. Since that implementation, our results have been so dramatic!"

- Larry Chapman, President, Summerset Marine and IBAW member

Strong Results Delivered

These tools helped us maintain a highly focused business planning and execution process. For the final 3 years that I owned my business, we achieved a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22%, a 158% increase in profitability and a resulting successful sale of the company to a strategic buyer for a high multiple.

- Andy Oliver, Founder, Gear Wash & IBAW Board Member


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