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IBAW's Business Behind the Scenes Events and ...'With ED' Casual Events...EXPERIENCE IT.

Business Behind the Scenes

IBAW is well known for its top shelf programing but our Business Behind the Scenes tours are very unique - even by our standards. These events, open only to IBAW members, allow you access to places normally unavailable to the general public.

These events gave our members an inside look and very unique experience:

Ariens Company

A first class, luxury coach brought IBAW members to spend the day up in Brillion, Wisconsin. We toured two of Arien's manufacturing facilities then had an on-sight lunch hosted by Dan Ariens and his top management staff. The highlight of the trip was the very candid discussion after lunch with the Ariens' management team on new products and the future of streamlining the production process.

Caterpillar Heavy Mining 

South Milwaukee production facility. Members toured heavy fabrication procedures and design logistics for some of the largest earth movers on the planet.

Mitchell International Airport 

IBAW members had a firsthand, behind the scenes look at security, airport logistics, luggage tracking & movement, snow removal & weather procedures, aircraft tracking, drug & explosive sniffing dog demonstration and viewed Air Force One on the tarmac during a presidential visit. 

Harley Davidson Museum 

Members were exposed to rare photos, historical company documents, artifacts and the motorcycle archive warehouse where access is restricted to restoration experts, curators and high level corporate VIPs.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

Amazon Building

Logistics - on steroids. Even though Amazon doesn't offer tours, IBAW was able to take a group of our members through the 1.5 million square foot center to witness the inter workings of the this midwest fulfillment center.

*Due to the exclusivity and security concerns of some venues, photography may not be allowed. Please consult event information for details. 

...with ED Events

What is:  ...with ED

In short, ...with ED are casual events with Executive Director (ED) Steve Kohlmann. These events can range from having coffee with ED to discuss business or regulation issues to events that are more specialized or fun in nature. 

Our very first ...with ED event was JETS!...with ED

At this event, IBAW members were guests of the 128th Air Refueling Wing and were given an in depth tour of the KC-135 Stratotanker Jet used for in air refueling of fighters around the world as well as the base facilities at Mitchell International Airport.

Members were also treated to lunch by the 128th where they could meet and talk with the pilots, boom operators and ground crew. 

One of the highlights of the tour was members were allowed inside the large multi-million dollar computer refueling simulator to try their hand at refueling a fighter at 21,000 feet.

  128th Air Refueling Jet   F-16 Refueling

"The logistics & legwork it takes to organize 

these events must be a difficult, you just 

don't stroll into these places.

Being able to register and basically 'walk in'  

is a great benefit and part of the VIP service 

 IBAW offers its members."

"The lighting in the freight elevator was very subdued, almost dark.

"This is a RESTRICTED AREA so don't wander off." Our guide said in a low, hushed voice.

Then the elevator bumped to a stop and the doors slowly opened.

 What was revealed was a brightly lit, modern day warehouse scene right out of Raiders of the Lost Ark with the rarest of motorcycles reaching the ceiling."

          - Business Behind the Scenes, Harley Davidson Museum


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