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Independent Business Association of Wisconsin

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IBAW Public Policy Committee

Keeping you updated and engaged

Wisconsin is a great place to work and play but it's important for business owners to keep up with the latest in policy and regulation issues coming out of Madison and Washington D.C..

Your busy schedule it may not be possible to stay on top of all these issues not to mention understand what it means and how it will impact your business.

Enter the IBAW Public Policy Committee.

With feeds from Madison and Washington D.C., the IBAW Legislative Team keeps you informed and connected. Whether it's a  policy, tax and regulation concern, the Public Policy Team produces white papers which distill down complex issues for you. These papers give you a clear and quick briefing and offer you the PROS and CONS of the issues. 

Twice a year the IBAW hosts Legislative Roundtables with elected officials. This is your opportunity to speak directly with elected officials from Madison or Washington D.C. and tell them what's on your mind. 

Legislative Roundtables are held in the spring and fall of each year. 


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