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HELP - A valuable benefit of IBAW Membership!

The IBAW is your resource for help on a myriad of business questions or issues ranging from tax or policy issues to marketing or public relations questions, workforce or employment issues or other business related issues. It's possible you may just need to talk to a business peer regarding a business issue you just can't turn to anyone else to discuss. 

Connecting you with the right people cuts through red tape - a major benefit of IBAW membership. In some cases it may be another IBAW member we can refer you to or perhaps it's the right people within a State or Federal Agency who understands business concerns and is willing to work as a advocate on your behalf. 

Start by contacting IBAW's Executive Director, Steve Kohlmann here for help or direction. All information is held in the strictest of confidence.


The Office of Business Development is your business advocate working within state government to help answer your questions, as well as suggest rule changes on your behalf.  Our number one goal is to help make Wisconsin a better place to do business and it starts with getting to know you. 

We work with business owners, trade associations, and Chambers of Commerce throughout Wisconsin to ensure business has a voice in working with State government.  We can help cut through the red tape of government and remove antiquated and unnecessary regulations that pose a threat to creating new jobs.


The feedback we receive from business owners like you can identify laws and rules that need to be changed or eliminated because they negatively impact your business or have become irrelevant in your industry.   We help connect organizations and State agencies to produce meaningful changes that reduce time and money compliance burdens on small business.

We have been called the ‘concierge service for business.’   When you contact us, we take the time to understand your concerns and work to get issues resolved quickly.   In 2013, business owners brought more than 200 issues to our Office asking for help, information or regulatory relief and reform.   We were able to help resolve issues between these organizations and State agencies, as well as identify 50 regulatory reform ideas.

Please contact us:

  • If you have an issue that needs some additional attention
  • Would like to recommend a rule change (you can also go online to recommend a rule change)
  • Would like to have us speak with your local or community business group

Together, we can present rule changes that will help your business grow and prosper and we hope to hear from you.

Office of Business Development

Wisconsin Department of Administration

EMAIL:  DOAOBD@wisconsin.gov

WEBSITE:  www.doa.wi.gov

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