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This Year's Sporting Clay Shoot is Friday, October 6th, 11:30am to 4:40pm.

Waukesha Gun Club.

Registration is now open - CLICK HERE!

Get your team together OR sign up by yourself and we'll form a team for you.

Sporting Clay photos

Every year the IBAW holds our annual sporting clay shoot. It's a purely social event designed for you to have fun and do a little networking with your business buddies or your employees.

Invite your clients, friends or employees and treat them to a fun afternoon - or come by yourself. Either way, you'll enjoy a great day of shooting, networking, and commeraede. Best of all, IBAW does all the work!

  • The BIG BBQ Lunch
  • Door Prizes
  • Pistol Giveaway
  • Pizza Afterparty with networking and tall tales about how well you shot
  • 2 Beers after the shoot are included in your registration fee

All participants must sign a legal waiver. Please download the waiver here and bring it with you the day of the event. Please do not email the waiver but bring it with you. 

Advanced registration is required for this event. Because teams are formed in advanced, walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

Sporting Clay Shoot photos

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Sporting Clay Shooting? 

Sporting Clay Shooting is a series of 12 different stations you stand in then clay targets are released and you try to shoot down the targets. The targets are released at different heights, speeds and angles. This video is a great introduction.

Do I need to be an IBAW member to attend?

No, anyone can attend. We started this event to expose people to what IBAW has to offer. There's no sales pitch or pressure to join the IBAW. Just come, have fun, network and learn - that's what IBAW is all about.

Can I attend if I've never shot before?

Absolutely! We have a mandatory safety meeting before you go out on the course and there are Safety Range Officers on the course to help you, give shooting tips, and to make sure everything is safe. It's been our experience that new shooters often shoot very well. 

What if I don't own a shotgun?

Limited shotgun rentals available directly from the gun club the day of the event for a nominal cost. If you're putting a team together it's not necessary for each person to rent a shotgun. You can simply rent one gun for the whole team to use, this frees up other guns for other shooters. Shells are provided to you and are included in the price of your registration.

How safe is this? Aren't people walking around with loaded guns?

We start the event with a safety meeting to answer any question you have. Your shotgun is loaded only when you are inside the shooting station just as you are about to shoot, otherwise everyone has their guns unloaded with the breach open to confirm they are unloaded. Additionally, there are Range Saftey Officers on the course to watch over and answer questions about how to shoot and offer you instruction if needed. Chances are you'll be at a shooting station with a seasoned shooter as well so don't be afraid to ask any questions. Everyone was a new shooter at some point.

Do women attend this event or is this a guy thing?

It's not just a guy thing. Women make up about 30% to 40% of our shooters. 

Do I need to sign up a full team of 4 or 5 or can I just shoot by myself?

It's perfectly fine to sign up as a single shooter. If you do, we'll form up a team of other single shooters to form a team. Your team may be made up of newbies or seasoned shooters.

If I'm a bad shooter won't that drag down my team's score?

IBAW's Sporting Clay Shoot is a non-competitive event, you're only keeping track of your own score. There's no shame in not hitting a target.

5 Stand Enclosures

What if it rains?

Our event is held rain or shine so dress appropriate for the weather. You'll be out in the elements for about 3 hours so dress smart. Good sturdy shoes or boots are a must. Flip flops or open toed shoes are not allowed.

If the weather is severe, we'll shoot from enclosed 5 Stand structures which protects you from the elements. 

Here's some feedback from past participants:

Many thanks for the best Sporting Clay event ever! Including my favorite food groups: All U Can Eat Spicy Sausage, Brisket & Sausage and Pepperoni Pizza.Not to mention da 2 beers. I ate so much I shot low all day .

And there was more! Sunshine, friendly staff, super selection of prizes (even though I didn’t win any) and the largest attendance ever, where I rubbed shoulders (not just at the bar) with a bunch of fine fellow IBAW members. 

You all went to a great deal of work on this so many thanks!

Steve Schneider, CEO



You really know how to put together a great event. I talked to a lot of folks yesterday and everyone from first timers to veterans of the event, had nothing but great things to say about their experience and the way you two and the staff of the club and sponsors were able make it a perfect day start to finish. Two thumbs UP!!!! 

Randy Brice, Telenotes


Great job putting this together! We had a blast! Thank you!

Al Leidinger, CEO, Mathison Manufacturing


Great event! But, I did notice almost half my shells were not shooting straight. 

Andy Oliver, CEO, White Lane Group

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