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IBAW Membership - Join Today!

To download a membership form, click here. To join online, click here.

Investing In Your Business

Membership in the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin is a sound business strategy. Whether you are joining for the insightful programing, the executive networking or the policy and advocacy for small business, your members or sponsorship dollars help carry on the tradition of the IBAW to educate and represent small business owners and entrepreneurs in Wisconsin.

Too busy to attend our meetings yourself?  Your IBAW member is company wide so you can send any of your team to our events!  IBAW is an ideal personal growth opportunity to help shape and mold the up and coming members of your team.

Benefits of membership:

•  Enjoy business programing specifically for business owners, executives and entrepreneurs.

•  Free access to business programming such as our monthly Sales Roundtable Workshops and President's Circle Leadership Training.

• Your business enjoys a competitive edge with leadership opportunities, connections to business leaders and business-building initiatives. 

•  Help craft policy and regulation issues that impact small business in Wisconsin.

•  Support a climate of growth and success in which all Wisconsin companies – regardless of size or industry – prosper.

•  Contribute content to the IBAW statewide magazine.

•  Create a stronger, more dynamic and prosperous business community.

•  Make a positive impact on the local and regional business environment.

IBAW attracts business leaders from a range of businesses. This important advantage provides members with a connection to vital economic and community issues beyond their individual organizations. 

Membership dues are payable annually. Membership dues are tiered, based on the size of your business.

 Number of Employees in Company  Annual Dues
1 - 15  $350.00
 16 - 25  $500.00
 26 - 49   $600.00
 50 or more  $750.00 *

* IBAW Sponsorship starts at $800.00 offering numerous advertising advantages and opportunities.  It may make sense to be a sponsor (which includes membership) rather than a sole membership. Contact us for details.

To join online, click here.

“Being involved with a business organizations like the IBAW is critical for small business owners 
in Wisconsin for growth and to have a voice with government.”

- Rich Meeusen, CEO Badger Meter.

IBAW's Innovation workshop is a perfect example of how your membership dollars help bring informative programing to Wisconsin business owners and entrepreneurs.

One of our supporters said it best;

"Sometimes it can be hard for me to attend meetings since I have a lot going,  but I know the IBAW works hard for small business owners and supporting IBAW is a great way to 'pay it forward' for others."
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