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Here is just a small sample of the speakers offered at our monthly meetings:

• Conceal Carry In The Workplace - Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen

• Legislative Update - Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch

• Legislative Update - 63rd Assembly Representative Robin Voss

• Legislative Update - Freshman Representative Dale Kooyenga

• Candidate for Senate - Ron Johnson

• The Growing Crisis At Milwaukee Public Schools - Cory Nettles

• Management In Difficult Times - Aleta Norris 

• The Future of Media - Jerry Bott, WISN Radio

• Legislative Update - State Senator Leah Vukmir

• Fraud In The Workplace - Mike Mader, Baker Tilley

• The Entrepreneurial Spirit - James Lindenberg, World Class Wire & Cable

• Business Ethics & Integrity - Now More Than Ever
- Randall Hoth, President, Better Business Bureau

• Digging Deep - Mining In Wisconsin - Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus

• The Workings Of The Supreme Court - Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler

• Crime & Education In Milwaukee - Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

• How I Got My Business Out Of Hot Water Challenge - Sponsored by Reliable Hot Water

• The Future of Milwaukee County - Milwaukee Co. Executive Chris Abele

• Manufacturing in Wisconsin, the Midwest & the World - Kent Lorenz - Ellison Technologies

• The Drive For Excellence in Management - Jerry Jendusa - EMTEQ

• Commerce in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Secretary of Commerce Paul Jadin

• Lunch With Legislators (Held in Madison)- Speaker Fitzgerald & Reps Kleefisch & Kooyenga

• The State Budget & Its Effect On Taxpaying Business - Todd Berry, Wisconsin Taxpayer Alliance

• Caterpillar Heavy Mining - Business Behind the Scenes (Tour of Caterpillar Mining Production)

• The Big, Big Networking Event
- Lt. Gov. Kleefishch, Senator Ron Johnson, Robin Voss, Jeff Fitzgerald

• Moving Wisconsin Business Forward - Gov. Scott Walker

• Wisconsin’s Job Outlook / Mining Bill update - Tim Sullivan, Workforce Development

• Mitchell International Airport Business District - Tom Rave, The Gateway to Milwaukee

• Media & Politics - Brian Sikma, Media Trackers

• Business Behind the Scenes - Mitchell International Airport

• ObamaCare & what it means to your business - Panel discussion
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