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If you like what IBAW's mission of offering insightful programing, executive networking and support member-driven policy and advocacy for small business, consider a gift of financial support. 

Your dollars fund IBAW and its programs to carry on the mission of insightful programing which support small business owners and entrepreneurs in Wisconsin. There are numerous ways you can support the IBAW and be involved with helping small business and entrepreneurs in Wisconsin. 

Below are just a few of the options available. In addition, some sponsorship opportunities automatically include membership and add exposure to your firm.

IBAW Leadership Workshop

Ways to Support IBAW & Wisconsin Business

Direct financial support 
Consider one of the the categories below and make your direct support using the form at the bottom of this page.

 Friend of IBAW  Partner in Business

• $25.00

• $50.00

• $75.00

 • $100.00

• $250.00

• $500.00

• $750.00

• $1000.00

Sponsor a IBAW Web Page or Meeting 
IBAW sponsorship opens the door to our select and C Level audience of members and participants, representing the statewide business community, industry insiders, elected representatives and many other contributors whose work affects the future of business in Wisconsin. 

Advertise in the IBAW Magazine
The IBAW monthly magazine is sent out statewide to over 600 Wisconsin business owners, entrepreneurs and elected officials. Placing an ad is a great way to support the IBAW and to give your business exposure to an audience you want to get in front of: C-Level business owners and decision makers. To view the magazine and ad rates, click here.

Sponsor a Particular Effort
Interested in something special such as sponsoring a Legislative Luncheon or other special business education event? Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. IBAW events are recognized by the business community as top shelf and draw executives from many sectors giving you a high profile in the Wisconsin business community. 

Whatever financial level you are interested in, we want to make sure you receive high exposure, a good value and ROI on your support dollars. 

Contact us to learn about the opportunities available and the benefits your investment will achieve. 
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